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DisplayMax 5000
DOCSIS Signal Level Meter
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Self-Calibrating analog & digital signal level meter with a tuning range of 5 to 872 MHz. Measures analog, QAM, QPSK & 8VSB power.

Ingress Detection (Option 1)
Detect ingress in the drop and home wiring down to –40 dBmv. Meter displays a Pass/Fail message along with the frequency and level of the highest ingress signal.

Leakage Detection (Option 2)
Detect signal leakage from the drop and home wiring. Simply attach the rubber duck antenna and search for “hot spots”. Shutting down a source of Leakage shuts down a source of Ingress.

MER, BER & C/N (Option 3)
Add three quality measurements with one option. MER (modulation error ratio) and BER (bit error rate) are digital channel quality tests; C/N (carrier to noise ratio) tests the quality of analog channels.

Modem Return Level (Option 4)
Qualify the return path by establishing a connection with the CMTS (cable modem termination system) and verify healthy margins by viewing the modem’s return level.

1000 MHz. Tuning Range (Option 5)
Extend the upper tuning range from 872 MHz. to 1000 MHz. (1 GHz).


Fully Loaded DisplayMax 5000 (DM512345) is Now Only $1395 (Price Reduced $200)  

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Part # Ingress Leakage MER/BER/CN Modem 1GHZ Price    
DM500000           $795.00 Replaces Jr 2000
DM510000 YES         $995.00  
DM502000   YES       $995.00  
DM500300     YES     $995.00  
DM500040       YES   $995.00  
DM500005         YES $995.00  
DM512000 YES YES       $1,195.00 Replaces Jr 3000
DM500340     YES YES   $1,195.00  
DM510300 YES   YES     $1,195.00  
DM510040 YES     YES   $1,195.00  
DM510005 YES       YES $1,195.00  
DM502300   YES YES     $1,195.00  
DM502040   YES   YES   $1,195.00  
DM502005   YES     YES $1,195.00  
DM500305     YES   YES $1,195.00  
DM500045       YES YES $1,195.00  
DM512300 YES YES YES     $1,295.00  
DM512040 YES YES   YES   $1,295.00  
DM512005 YES YES     YES $1,295.00  
DM510340 YES   YES YES   $1,295.00  
DM510305 YES   YES   YES $1,295.00  
DM510045 YES     YES YES $1,295.00  
DM502340   YES YES YES   $1,295.00  
DM502305   YES YES   YES $1,295.00  
DM502045   YES   YES YES $1,295.00  
DM500345     YES YES YES $1,295.00  
DM512340 YES YES YES YES   $1,395.00 DM512345 same price
DM512305 YES YES YES   YES $1,395.00 DM512345 same price
DM512045 YES YES   YES YES $1,395.00 DM512345 same price
DM510345 YES   YES YES YES $1,395.00 DM512345 same price
DM502345   YES YES YES YES $1,395.00 DM512345 same price
DM512345 YES YES YES YES YES $1,395.00 Reduced $200
Part # Ingress Leakage MER/BER/CN Modem 1GHZ Price    

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